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Friday, March 31, 2023

Happenings around san francisco may be bigger than moon landing- -for better for worse

 lets go beyond hype -click links, you decide- along with last weeks global futures and sdg6  alumni (about 10000) at UN we're reviewing recent dialogues eg this week from OECD -mail me to discuss or add to the series

Example of recent dialogues: This week 4 day sessions at OECD

AI help skils shortages: IBM Europe, Accenture MD, Finland HeadAI, PartnerAI, UK Prospect Union

Ai Public Service Job Creation: OECD Employment, France Pole Emploi, Korea KEIS, Belgium VDAB, Germany Oldenburg


AI Ambassadors : Canada, Germany, OECD

Policy Makers Response – US commerce, EU, Slovenia, Prof U Toronto

AI foresight: what’s ahead – US Pand, Slovenia Sfefan Ins,

Germany Min Lab, Uk Longview, UK Deepmind

Demo by Chat GPT

Can countres cooperate prevent AI risks? EU. Turing Institute, IKEA, EU, OECD, CEN JTC21

Recent AI Research US, France BNP Paribas,  Peru PUCP, UK CDEI, Aistralia Faethm by Pearson, PartnersAI

Chat GPT & future Edu

Oecd pisa & skills, Spain Valencia U      Or ITU event with stidents

Biggest innovation ever partnership AI, Germany Min Labor, OECCF Ptg Berkeley

AI in firms Zenseact, Essec Metalab, Profs NYU, Columbia. Cote D’Azur, Modena, Canada Vector , OECD

This is part of a series impacting sdgs and youth opportunities - i am cataloguing - rsvp to see the full spectrum as its made

ps Monday 4 april sees publication of stanford's annual AIindex update  Subscribe to Stanford HAI to Receive the 2023 AI Index Report

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