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Friday, January 19, 2018

us olympics gymnastics - well done aly - the entire us olympics team should  never again be allowed to solicit as a charity unless girlslivesmatter

- as history's main sponsor of olympics coca-cola needs to explain how it will never sponsor anything linked into so much girls abuse again

human beings are sick of being told by people at the top :oh we didnt know- everything worthy of youth in 21st c needs to be a transparent network- we can humanise ai by making sure deep data is traced on every old person who influences sports value chains

 - silos of need to know are absolutely disgusting-- should be criminally negligent in any place valuing 21st c democracy- anyone in congress reading this dc - i first started writing proposals for sporting superstars who wanted to contribute to lives matter in 1990 during a decade of working for the world's biggest accountants.. you can find me at +1 240 316 8157 outside washington dc beltway

update 2019 - can we start curriculum - which other sports people changed the world by changing their lives? why dont fans celebrate the livesmatter lessons as much as a stars most famous second- whats wrong with media that focuses on celebrating a few seconds of a superstar insead of their whole life's contribution

yours aye,