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Tuesday, November 17, 1970

Nature's & Glasgow's Question- why are we the humans so bad at uniting around machines?

 Please don't stop asking this question. 2021 November saw 2 weeks of world's most powerful people admitting they needed help from all 7.5 billion beings in answering this question- don't lets go back to national blame games. AS well as scientific successes, something went terribly wrong with the way the world of men and machines was mapped. What? Diaspora Scots (80% live worldwide, and our home isnt a nation recognised by either UN or EU) offer an unique diary on what machines started up out of Glasgow were used for : Revolution 1 power of machines; 2 world communications (death of distance) of machines) 3 multi-win opportunities of knowhow collaboration; 4 autonomous (real-time) op systems integrating information on natural & human interactions from every GPS . 

We Scots are less than 1/400 of the human race so naturally our diary is not complete but its an open book - you could say if anyone has a vested interest in all peoples succeeding at the same time it is scots and that's also what tech 1945-2025 has been driving us to if we re-read architects of new tech like Einstein and Von Neumann. 

Brave questions need mediating. Way Back in 1750-1776, when Americans wrote up their constitution- horse back man was the fastest way to communicate. Arguably, it made sense to centralise law instead of integrate a diversified democracy. There is an argument why guns were the only way to enforce the law at the birth of the USA; but hasn't innovation beyond that state of affairs advanced most places families love developing?  Today over-centralisation in places like washington DC and Brussels makes no sense at all- look at the content of the blah blah that politicians in these 2 capitals have spent time on through 21st century's first 21 years- does any of it help the family, the small enterprise, the diversity of communities, integration of last mile health, nature's food and water sources? 

When machines brought us the second revolution of media, one of the biggest mistakes of all may have been to get stuck with so-called democracy implying one of 2 opposite parties must be right on everything. Engineering life has been accelerating 360 degree opportunities and threats- futures that needed far smarter navigation than 2 parties expensively communicating they know it all when it turns out on life-critical issues like nature's climate, nature's food and water, nature's health systems neither party knew anything work legislating in stone. This is a huge opportunity for all peoples voices to entrepreneurially remap precisely what top-down systems cannot. If we haven't turned you off yet, please help interpret our notes- what went wrong when the first 180 years of machines ended in world war 2. What went right and wrong in each of these periods:





WE have chosen those slightly odd time periods as it happens Adam Smith aluni notes debating where was history spiraling the future got filed away in those sections. That's just one diaspora scottish view; if the place you love most tipped at a uniquely different date we'd love to hear from you