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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Use of 2019 From July 2022 I have logged every un event attended and will add retrosective when i can


Un2.0 digital roadmap is about many convergences which Guterres has made his mission during his 10 years leadership 2016-2026 (coinciding with two thirds of the deadline nations declared they would unite 17 sustainability dev goals 

a key convergence (part of what the un calls digital capacity building)  including ending silos between different service units which most face particular SDGs by providing particular experitise- for example while world fod program prevents starvation by managing logistics supplying food to places where peoples have run out of food- the system causes of such a breakdown likely require many other expertises- unless we map these the chances of local human development get less and less (if web3 fails both to map these and inform the whole world about experiences (or causes) of being foodless then we are humans will never end such situations (it takes all of us to be aware even if it takes specific experts and wholly united mapmaking to realise  

there are at least 3 simple reasons that interests me in ending silos

1) many goals need multiple expertises - this is particularly true on last mile health - most deaths under s in poor countries (see ) are caused by nutrition or dehydration/water problems (ie goals 2 food , goals 6 sanitation) as well as nursing or partnering not recognising urgent service infant needs - these are only going to get compounded by climate variability as well as gun violence of all kinds currently caused both by dictators and democracies who supreme over their peoples whatever the reason - see also for alternative governance built round service leaders and women  over  50 years 

2) from we the peoples point of view we are talking about gaps in education which get very deep locally in ways that top down administrators are blinded to- every villagers could gain from probably 3 hours knowhow of first aid before leaving school particularly if they leave school in their early teens- it is true that the lancet has argued for at lest a decade that one of the world's biggest missing curricula is peer to peer personal health from pre-adolescent up- where we say peer, someone a year ahead could twin in mentoring years earlier ; in many ways peer to peer process went missing n 20th c education even though the extra tech we have compounded in recent decades could have made these simple- covid has shown us that web1, and 2 did not enter into everyday use in schools around the world even in the richer nations- tragically the poorer nations might have gained most if the richer nations had progressed what after all the tech has made mission possible 

3) if web technology had valued education then the number 1 web page by now would have linked communities into life critical knowhow of the sort than can be app'd locally if its has been a national priority to maximise what was once called first aid knowhow; if is a call for everyone to start valuing web3 at the same time then lets make sure we play web catch up in every way that pro-youth education can celebrate


that said I am not intending to spend much time arranging contents of meeting logs at first but as the year round sdg youth competition rolls out i hope to see where knowhow may be relevant to which sdg teams

i would welcome co-editors on this - for example if you attend many un meetings you could send me their details as well as what link to you as diarist you want made

example date of meeting july 13 2022

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