HG Wells - civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe:
coming how do the 51 years of alumni of fazke abed poverty aleviator collab match up with 76 years of the united nations - we map abed top36 hunicorn networks - being networks whose purpose is so life crital nobody wants to exit investment or politically quarrel over just replicating their services and improving access to their action learning

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What needs to happen by 2025 if millennials are to be the sustainable generation


Dear Chris--Clearly, we would have to build something around the new biography, which is outstanding, but I can't think creatively about how to do it.Cheers, Marina Marina v.N. Whitman
Professor of Business Administration and Public Policy emerita University of Michigan

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 why fazle abed believed his legacy and friends  needed to unite female graduates of hundreds of universities in sdg collaboration

Friends and I have been searching this since 1984 when dad (Norman Macrae at The Economist) and I published the first edition of 2025report.com (the last edition of which is in prep  after some final debriefings from citizens who can in 2022 - please chat with me chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if your place has some collaborations to offer)related links EconomistUN.com teachforsdgs.com  AIbrac.com

After my father's death the japan ambassador to bangladesh kindly introduced me to sir fazle abed; i have never met anyone who has united so many peoples and communities in advancing sustainability. After 15 trips to Dhaka we have catalogue what we understand to be the 30 main collaborations that have become the world's largest ngo (civil society) partnership

At the time MOOCS were newish - abed said yes i'd like my knowhow Massive Open Online but why not C for Collaboration ( I went back and searched US moocs sadly they were not about reducing college student debt or connecting sustainability graduates in massive replicable solutions)

Just in case edutech ever chnaged -gradaute journalists and I went back to dhaka 1 times to file ABEDMOOC.com

=====chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk ===================in more detail from family and EconomistDiary.com - why vote for Abed as Number 1 Entrepreneurial Revolutionary of the era 1970-2020

From the early 1970s was my father's plea (joined by eg peter drucker, ezra vogel, gifford pinchot romano prodi and if I recall Klaus Schwab < George Soros)  to economists and futurists eg Naisbitts to help design an unstoppable movement uniting communities in sustainability solutions that the world's biggest organisation (corporate or government) cannot alone deliver. s

Previously JFK had seconded the 1962 plea to celebrate Asia Rising Model in connecting his worldwide inderdependence maps

So this setting frame how as a statiscian from MAMPTP 1973, I choose to parse  what abed has left as his legacy after 50 years of extraordinary entrepreneurial empowerment (with his death 20 dec 2019)


SG Lesson 1 Real entrepreneurs learn from biggest mistakes of theirs, and exponentially compounded by Society's Governance - historic systems monopolising mindsets. 1 As summarised at The Economist Boardroom's remembrance party of dad norman macrae; having met von neumann dad's favorite interviews severely examined leaders what they intended to do with 100 times more tech eg 7 year future planning forward not 5 back; from the 1970s to his 40th and last yera at the economist dad developed the twin genre of entrepreneurial revolution and future history's - sustainability in dads eyes would require entrepreneurial community collaborations to increasingly become legislative equals to big gov and big corporation; dad's all time laureate of entrepreneurial revolution : fazle abed; if you want to shortcut the rest of this article here are 4 by 4 compasses:

AB1 The first compass is about 4 last chnace moments of Tuture-history and English speaking mindset; what can english speaking adminstrators of empires learn from bangaldesh and women empowerment?

Fab1.4 from 2015 (UN2.0) Scoiety in the context of ESG has 5 main market components corresponding to sdgs1 to 5- markets of finance, food, health, education public servants ; you can also learn uniquely from the rural adaptation chalenges of environment. Specifically rural are those who have not benefited or used carbon- engines; what are their human rights? why wouldnt rich peoples particularly celebrate rural leapfroging (ways of innovating because a place never had a grid such as electricity's wires or telephones lines); how do villagers and islanders not become the dumping ground of powerful legsilative neighbors

Fab1.3 from 1945 UN- if humans were ever to flousih epacefully out of ebery community there were multiple chlenges at UN's birth: how to refloat productive economies; how empires gave bnack in freeing colonies or those ((eg native people) who had been abused; how to outlast stalin's mad leadership of the old world's largest landmass; how to turn 20th century's new technologies from disasters to advnatges; thanks to von neuman and his peers 1955 saw extraordinary progress- even the promise of 100 times more positive etch every decade to 2025; by 1955 thanks to america much of the productivity of the laregst economies was moveing forward; Stalin had died but fear of what was next from europe's far north was as big as ever; whiuklt gritain in particular had started agreeining to independence of former colonies merely handing over broken top-down systems was not a sustainablke answer

Fab1.2 both in 1860 queen victoria and the economist's james wilson and in 1906 gandhi questions had been raised about what would the quarter of teh eowrld' spopulation be able to develop if empire was replaced by commonwealth, with peoples banking and adminstering and developing their own places

Fab1.1 back between 1758-1776 - the scots, the french and then the americans had raised adam smiths entrepreneurial questions- what would emotionally inteligent /industrial revolutions map out to be- by and for the peoples

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AB 2 why fazle abed believed his legacy needed to unite female graduates of hundreds of universities in sdg collaboration

AB3 in forming the worlds largest ngo partnership economy, which 21st C Collab innovations most applied leapfrog opportunities as villagers exponentially adapted solar and mobile

AB4 what were the foundational movements of person to person grassroots networking that made brac the epicentre of the asia's billion girls who did the most to end extreme rural poverty

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New York places helping sustainability generation rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk favs


India Places

lucknow http://www.globaldream.guru - end illiteracy in 30 hours
http://cellstrat.com  offering 100000 people free skilling up in AI
http://www.yidanprize.org following year of celebrating africa, advance edu in india this year with tencent's co-founder out of hong kong
India would be a lot poorer without infosys but jury may still be out on aadhar in spite of nilekani's inspirational book https://www.google.com/search?q=aadhar+nilekan
sad ck prahalad parted early - world needed american universities searching markets of bottom of pyramid- of all his finds I love aravind the best value microfranchise ending cataract's unnecessary blindness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBrfE0S8y4o
Larry brilliant (ending smallpox) is one of my great heroes but I cannot forgive how silli valley wasted his vision from 2005 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNhiHf84P9c&t=39s

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UN - a promising adolescence age 0-18? can 80 year old UN inspire worldwide adaptation?

UNsummitfuture.com 2025report.com : Possibly because so many hopeful things happened between 1945-1962 (we even survived nuclear annihilation thanks to steady American hands), we also need to list regional threats-
take usa for example: lives of black & native people got worse, more controversially historians myopia over infrastucture is disastrous in era of 100 ties more knowledge-machining per decade (see von neumann, moore):USA's brilliant highway system baked in hi-carbon road transport which together with a 1913 law saying sea trade around us coast had to be distributed in american built brands is one of the reasons why america did not entrepreneurially experiment with the container revolution which made docking at least 100 times more economical and change the calculus of quality small enterprise supply chains as first seen in the rise of japan, korea south, taiwan;
one of the reasons scots choose to review 45-62 is president kennedy was accelerating celebrations of interdependence as was joyfully celebrating that the far east coast had innovated an hi-tech engineering model all the world's coast lines could design win-win trades around - if you look at eg japanese companies of the 1960s, improving the service to teh customer every quarter was what asia rising innovation was built on (exactly the opposite of being driven by taking profits out every quarter). And there was so much that better quality engineering was needed for in building supercities- you needed really high quality with 250 kn/hour bullet trains onr undergound railways as the lifeblood of 10 million commuters my father (who also became von neumann's biographer) argued in the economist that the 3rd insustrial revolution needed to be designed around win-wins andnew education that knowledge nerw0ring generations could entreprenurilly innovate what no past gereations could imagine. Kennedy's moon race decade was a great example of challenging decade-long co-creativity- why did none of the decades from 1970s on cvalue youth with equally exciting goals (particulary those grounding deiversity of nature now explorable in ever more micro edtail of the sort that einstein demanded all future science integrate)

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In Scotland's View

all errors in reporting mine alone chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk 

media recommendation - replace bbc programs every monday with https://unfccc-cop26.streamworld.de/program  & global village zooms until the peoples have adapted communities

welcome to EconomistUn.com & our associates AdamSmith.app  ecop26.com... XGlasgow.com _Journal of New Economics launched Glasgow University at World Cop26

 For 169 years Adam Smith was the leader of United Nations or at least people- it was a heavy burden to bear in the Queens English so most grateful for founding of UN in San Francisco Opera House 1945 and Antonio's sterling efforts to sustain humanity into this 21st year of the 21st C

We welcome passing the baton for uniting human enetrpreneurship and goodwill- even though Scotland has not been recognised as a nation since 1700s when a some ambitious scots tried to dig the panama canal 50 years before Adam's GU colleague invented engineering

It breaks our heart to hear that the best efforts of the world of big business and big public service now forecasts 2.5 degrees as more likely than not in spite of every innovation the 100 best brains of corporate and national leaders can muster opinion poll 3 - if we all find a way out of extinction will the lead come from 1.0 big corporates 2.0 big governments 3.0 every other civic and community network young and old peoples can connect                                                    greenbigbang inspirations of the day - congrats Kenya's Green Generation Elizabeth Wathuti --- University of Tokyo's Futurist Naoko Ishii COP26 vibes so far: "What's it worth to save everything we ...https://www.gzeromedia.com › Global Stage -congrats global methane pledge (seconded by Japan UK Usa Italy canada Africa ...)

 Naoko Ishii, Director of Center for Global Commons, and Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo, detailed how we need to transform valuation of future   5.6 zoom-up scotty associates EconomistDiary.com tough Q to Boris- & carney-gzero what highs & lows journey to extinction? WORLDCOP26 -1 2 3 4-5 GLASGOW 260th Future History What'll Engineers Grad next?

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2021 Glasgow 2021-11-01 08:00AMWorld Leaders Summit Opening Ceremony ONdemand special thanks youth kenya papua egypt chile- elders pm barbados -prince Charles TerraCarta -10 industry sectors redesigning their purpose -see also SMI & champions finance adaptation ...due to election Japan PM 1st speech at 3hrs 5min of video

21-11-02 100 country Launch of Global Methane Pledge (thanks to Kerry) On-demand with Sharma/ Prepare with Blinken Africa Adaptation Summit (Africa A report ban ki-moon includes 2 bn from sharma to AfricanDevBank) family uses acre of forest until change from charcoal to biogas.... digital agriculture tools big opportunity -will empower 40 million farmers) GCA.org (AAAP) - calalysing clean technologies by smart regions (eg Gates &EU)

biden's half hour or country views -all at this video- choose minute-second to tour the world! 10.51 korea 13.44 germany 17.10 switzerland 19.50 india 22.40 biden/usa 32.45Madagscar 36.20 denmark 38.40 tnzania 41.12 Australia 43.30 EU 47.10 Japan 49.50 costa rica 52.20 italy 57.10 youth 1.01.55 Egypt 1.4.30 canada 1,11,03 Bangladesh 1.13.30 Ireland.. 1.36.48 guterres un 1..43.30 sharma 1.44.40 boris/uk

2021 october Asian multilateral banking infrastructure [Alexander] asian climate commitments udate nov: japan 6 min 30-10min video

2021 september UNGA Guetrres launces common agenda and summitfuture

we do wonder if the 3.75 billion younger brains on eaeth might adapt a different future if education was designed to empower them - latest update of this story 3 nov 2021 - all errors chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk