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Thursday, March 24, 2016

any leadersquest of end poverty or  cllege cncerned with youth's sustainability goals that doesnt begin with BRAC may be a missed opportunity

potential signees?
 worldyouthcommunity, george soros, jim kim - whom else?

why under30s can  joyfully benchark brac first:
cashless banking - total bottom up banking system in bangladesh- nuber 1 benchmark of the global association f value banks

an early fan of the call for micreducationsuit - the firts WISE educxatin laureate stiulatingh a years research learning for a living

brac has ore microftanchsie solutins to end poverty that china could exchansge with than anywhere

brac is in the midst of muslim you=th and woens networks that lead th way in attaining sustainability goals

brac has turned round more value chains to be preferential poor than anyone else

brac's partnerships with genius coders from MIT to Dubai are legendary