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Thursday, March 13, 2014

URGENT IN MARCH - 13th london time 2pm Soros on how europe failed youth and what curve to bend next

When my father happily launched the net generation's entrepreneurial revolution curriculum in The Economist in 1972, we didnt expect his request that economists search for different organisational models that the 3 large types that dominated the tv age - corporation, polarised government and ngo - would cause 1) such angst, 2) such muddled sub-divisions of entrepreneurs and media designers (who shout that they are social even as they waste money not scaling and not collaborating and not open educational)

today this means the search for the next generations' above zero sum models of networks as systems of systems is more urgent than any anlaytical activity has even been on earth's human race

some of the clues in this search are posted at - your transparent contributuons to this search are much appreciated washingtin dc 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc

To those who believe education can change youth jobs world

ear Friends

This may be a hopelessly biased request due to my father's microeconomic view that when all else fails systemically and socially, then education can still change the world to better the human lot (and celebrate future jobs worth spending lives on) -and what could have been a more valuable education medium than 7 billion mobile and worldwidewebbed peoples? -a future history and borderless world debate Japan's leadership was first in world to adopt in the 1960s

Atsu on Sunday Taddy and Sunita will be having a first conversation (on skype)
time zones south africa midday ; india 3.30pm ....

While only they can explain their youth connections to futures we all could collaboratively celebrate,  in my searches I see them at the epicentre of scaling the 2 most exciting real open education networks never to have had their pro-youth mission spoiled by government, aid or corporate sponsors

working out of south africa, taddy transformed himself from a chartered accountant working with Porter's Monitor to the founder of universities should be free for the most job creating youth however poor or abused their childhoods- he started that in 1990 got interesting partners like maharishi, branson and google, now runs 5 nearly-free university colleges and is extending the 3 missing curricula back to age 10 (and 14 million children uniting teachers in goal of 1 million jobs co-creation by 2020)
3 missing curricula blend- financial literacy, empowerment (facilitation of self and community), entrepreneurship

Sunita's father -Jagdish Gandhi -  started a school in Lucknow nearly 60 years ago to continue the youth knowhow worlds of Ganhdi and Montessori; it was preferred by the citizens of lucknow to such a degree that 50000 children now unite the schooling system and its youth exchanges all over the hemisphere; a particular competence is becoming cross-culturally confident before adolescence; so much so that when hindhis and muslims almost went war with each other in Lucknow around 1990 it was the childrens peace protests in the streets that saved the day; sunita as the eldest daughter grew up in the schooling system, went to cambridge, was a young professional associate in wolfensohn's world bank, runs several test schools of her own including the first to computerised montessori records, and now knows who's pro-youth education who out of India (including eg Kalam's ten year program 2020 to end non-sustainable curriculum)

I hope there is a way to find a first win-win-win between all the futures you are working so hard to connect youth to


chris macrae
PS A bit more of missing maps of future history of pro-youth education
1) i use word real education to distinguish from virtual platforms like khan academy now offer a new youth economic multiplier but only if we connect the most pro-youth real world educators first

2) The Nobel peace laureate summit cape town oct 2014 does not yet actively know of either Taddy or Sunita and the Gandhi family of educators. Does anyone have ways to fill this communications gap? Taddy's collaborations with youth are unequalled in and branson also connect Mandela elders; the Mandela and Gandhian traditions of how to surround the next generation in peace before overthrowing government constituted for the 1% are educationally convergent as far as I can understand

3) I also dont think that the people trying to link Jim Kim's 2 defining social movements of the net generation know Taddy Blecher or the Gandhi family as well as is now needed. Naila and I will have another go at trying to explain that to the founders of results, microcreditsummit and millennium goal movements out of DC before they host a summit with Jim Kim in June though this is foggy stuff from where I sit. Although the only microcredit models that make sense tome were educational movements this is not what big bank sponsorship of millennium goal networks has ever allowed to be free. One might of hoped that Gordon Brown's new role as envoy fro education to the UN could finally live up to his Downing Street message the day in april 2008 that trust of 99% of citizens and youth in British banking died

To Youth10000 and UNHCR UNRA UN habitat and envoys youth & education

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I love this stuff!

I'm friends with a guy with a startup called RamRock that's focused on compression-formed masonry.  He says if the soil has enough clay, you can drop dirt into his machine on one end and get bricks out the other that are ready to use.  (If there's not enough clay you can add some special goo that does the same thing.)  So you can dig out a basement and then use that dirt to build the house over it.  

I'm also friends with the guy who runs the Hexayurt Project.  Different approach, but same goal.


This is not in our normal area of discussion but I'm finding this design 
by Abeer Seikaly to be absolutely brilliant.  It might be a metaphor for 
Conscious living and reaching out to those in need...

Friday, February 28, 2014

Why should world class professionals of ending poverty celebrate living with the poor

If you have  no experience of the global development sector, you might think this is an odd question - how can you be in end-poverty's world class as medic, banker, crop scientist, irrigation expert, clean energy developer without deep knowhow of:
1 how professional solutions in rich world may need to be modified, wen eg  the poor have no electricity
2 how urgently valued your skills may be, eg in some parts of the world 10 times more mothers and infants die simply because there isnt basic midwiderfy etc on call

But it turns out from the sectors where world class experts have lived with the poorest that the greatest innovations in ending poverty go beyond proven practice expertise

firstly the practitioner can also observe what the nature is of the failed system tat as been compounding poverty and search for ways to resolve these

secondly the most valuable new innovations that can be app'd by mobile networking technology can only be linked in by understanding what the industrial age had never been able to reach which are now the most valuable uses of being more connected than separated

However there is more to this as the greatest end poverty connectors (te partners in ealt, te brac, tje grameen of tis world) develop clusters of microfranchises in whatever sequence is opportunistically possible to scale up. In particular when is the world happy to pay with a global fund for a solution that was first tested in poor world? You need the local dedication to go for it. Note how partners in health had become one of the greatest local fighters of drug resistant tuberculosis - a disease the rich world had lost interest in relatively speaking. Until it was clear that hiv and tubercoluisis multiply each other. So the rich world suddenly had its own need to end TB (to minimise global spread of iv) as well as the moral need.

Its not that we are on the side of those in the rich world who ignore a poor world crisis until its in their interest. But the only way to make sure you never miss the window of opportunity to make such a case is to know the poorest all the time.

Additional good news ideas:
Often it times it turns out that the poorest can learn much of the routine world from or with te world class experts - this creates last mile jobs for te poorest and starts cycles of self-sufficiency and empowerment

There is a disastrous top down syndrome of using heavy statistical techniques which are neither necessary nor correct:
the expert who lives with the poor , careful/loving observation (in POP vocabulary ACCOMPANIMENT) far more over time tan any single numerical statistic can prove over a limited survey period

anyway linking in microfranchises is destroyed by eg paired comparison random tests- i mean  have you ever eard of a globally successful company evolving by paired random tests?