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coming how do the 51 years of alumni of fazle abed poverty alleviator cooperations match up with 76 years of the united nations - we map abed top36 hunicorn networks - being networks whose purpose is so life critical nobody wants to exit investment or politically quarrel over just replicating their services and improving access to their action learning

Monday, June 22, 1970


hardest question anyone ever asked FAZLE ABED

GAMES which 52 cards do you need to be SDG GEN? 50 UNI ALUMN COOP TO value youth as diversity explorers 6 NOV glasgow u cop26-

hunicorns researchers aim to map SDGs longest deepest most collaborative solution networks today's youth need if they are to be the first sustainability generation; dates and gravitational origins of when/where collab learning curves took off matter particularly because sustainability requires both cultural, natural and scientific opposite of expert silos- in accounting for 36 hunicorns alumni of abed value most we need your help-if you see an attribution that needs correcting please mail

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brac was born in 1972 around the 100000 bangladeshi metavillage g5.1- while it took a few years to design the first microfranchises we can see the women empowerment/village entrepreneurship was already in full swing by 1979; in personal briefing with abed unicef started launching year of child whose priority consequences mattered were of huge interest/action to g5.2 billion poorest asian mothers from 1977- oral rehydration was the most massive educational module relevant to every tropical village mother; because of the relationships between abed, the chinese american chen family, and unicef james grant who grew up in china, informal channels of how to solve the most urgent villagers channels between abed and those celebrating women hold up half the sky as pivotal to china's sustainability flowed through all 50 years of abed's work- inf in doubt read the 1983 book by harvards professor chen the quiet revolution; when it comes

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I was privileged to be sitting next to fazle abed and opposite the japan ambassador to Bangladesh while this question was instrumental to a three hour dinner party with 20 of bangladesh's civic leaders- this the ambassador had graciously arranged as a tribute to my father norman macrae's lifelong work on asia rising at the economist washington dc and glasgow

the question had been posed at a private millennium goals dinner by mrs steve jobs - she said why dont you share your knowhow beyond the billion bangladesh and chinese village women who have been applying it since 1972?

in what follows any errors are reporting ones of mine alone - (related searches on twitter 1

abed's first answer was : there always seemed so much more work my people- the 90% of female bangladeshis in 1972 who were rural (without access electricity) needed to connect action-learn network-they were kissinger's basket case the poorest of the poor; the 8th most populous nation densely packed into a place the size of wisconsin bordered by then unfriendly nations india, myanmar let alone (west) pakistan from whom independence had been won at the cost of much of the nation being raised to the ground; what started me and kept me on this work was 3 crises each had killed a million people- local cyclone, war of independence and refugee displacement, famine

his second answer- i have always said the same thing to people who want to change the world and who may have a replicable solution poorest rural women can network- i cant make you much money but we'll do are all to maximise your life's meaning with your innovation- it happened the first people who came to me were a chinese american couple; he was working in our nation's cholera lab where oral rehydration was discovered ; she was worker number 3 in brac- it turned out that ending deaths by diarrhea (with malnutrition killing up to half of infants in tropical continental asia) and minimising infectious diseases were integral to both countties'​ nation building; muslims and confucians are family loving people; it happened that i found in franciscan paulo freire's pedadogy of the oppressed values that made common sense to rural women empowerment; history shows that st francis mediated a similar exchange in his day; to end the most extreme poverty in asia's continent needs solutions that are more similar than different


in the 1970s as you can see in your father's survey - the doomsday scenario was if the quarter of humans in greater china failed to develop now they had all come to see that stalin's communism model was a dead end; in fact it had leaked out that the cost of buying nuclear knowhow from stalin was starvation of 50 million chinese - after being locked out of world trade rather than accept the british ultimatum of opium as a currency; the chinese wanted to develop- and through the 20th century the one child policy meant half of all families depended on empowerment of their daughter as nation builder

There was something about epidemiologists of the 20th century -or at least the cluster around james grant head of unicef; their parents had worked in the far east - in fact china was the grand challenge to help resolve; so when james grant wanted children of the world to have access to oral rehydration and then vaccination he was asking for borderless connectors

his third answer was of course mrs jobs you are correct- there is a technical difficulty i will need to go and work on - finding a capital which has a legislature that alows brac international - well i may have to ask one of britain or netherlands to help invent that- as it turned out the netherlands was already minded that way- and of course having been regional ceo for royal dutch shell- abed was a highly respected leader in the dutch ruling circles

there are of course different ways of describing who abed's 100000 thousand co-workers in bangladesh are let alone the many million of franchisees operating last mile health services and food security servives let alone village schools- but i find the simplest way of describing most of bracs fieldwork staff as 100000 inter-personal trainers in the village communities


more on why financing the 6 by 6 hunicorn networks of billion women empowerments unusual fit - if you want to explore education first the way abed seemed to do over 50 years of poverty alleviation interpersonal networking then probably the deep 6 learning networks you will gain from mapping are

1 training livelihood at any age- abed's first move had been to build 15000 homes for refugees thats about 100000 people in the average rural home of 1972- to his shock - no sooner than he had built this meta-village- abed found women had no livelihoods- hence the need for every brac co-worker to be a skills trainer and join in designing microfranchises- replicable positive cash flow models village mothers could operate

2 after about a decade there was enough health to start up primary schools

3 then secondary scholarship networks

-basically the metavillage as a partnership lab was where brac innovated everything for 25 years - then in a 5 year period 3 more labs became available bracnet internet and

4 brac university- when i say they became available i mean they were opportunities that perhaps only abed -and those who knew him longest - has designed so they fit with ending poverty among billion poorest asian women

each of the above education channels above is far too critical to womens development of rural asia to want "exiting"​ investors or politics if it come with a partisan bias- and if these networks havent co-created billions of dollars each then i dont know how to map (h)unicorn networks ..

of course my incompetence doesnt matter as long as the 100 educatirs most transforming education for the sdg generation do


of course one journey through abed's favorite application compasses leads to another - certainly across the first 5 sdg compasses

do you know any organisational constitutions that work equally efficiently for the five primary sdgs as well as wherever changin rtech makes all 17 sdgs vital to collaborate around if the under 30s are to lead our species to be the first sustainable generation?

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GAMES which 52 cards do you need to be SDG GEN? 50 UNI ALUMN COOP TO value youth as diversity explorers 6 NOV glasgow u cop26-