Millennials Hall of Fame : fazle abed :: Fei-Fei Li :: sustainability's last race: 2020s mapping & zooming coalition of free SDG uni's- one per 20 million youth Thanks to the moon race decade of 1960s, we all became alumnisat (connected by telecoms satellites) including more recent web 1-2-3. Q why not COLLAB round one GOUP - Global Open University Poverty (last mile service solutions community to community)HG Wells - civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe:
coming how do the 51 years of alumni of fazle abed poverty alleviator cooperations match up with 76 years of the united nations - we map abed top36 hunicorn networks - being networks whose purpose is so life critical nobody wants to exit investment or politically quarrel over just replicating their services and improving access to their action learning

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Andrew Rosenthal — @andrewrosenthalAn MBA student at Harvard Business School, Rosenthal is often found traveling between Boston and San Francisco. While he’s the business developer for Massive Health, he also tweets closer to home as one of the co-founders of Harvard’s Startup Tribe.
Cat Portner — @cport31Winner of Babson’s Last Plan Standing competition, Portner’s getting ready to revitalize her family’s former business and is launching a brewpub and Craft Beer Test Kitchen in Alexandria Virginia. Cool? Yes. Even cooler? She said the team plans to hold taste testings in Boston to highlight all they’ve been working on. (We’re there!)
Alice Francis — @aliceefrancis An MIT Sloan MBA Candidate, Francis is also the managing director of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. Beyond being a self-proclaimed “gravitational wave and photon enthusiast,” why wouldn’t you want to be friends with someone who helps dole out $100K worth of cash?
Jonathan Follo — @JonathanFollo With 32 followers, you might ask, “Why Jonathan Follo?” Beyond being a “pop culture nerd, runner and sports fan,” we’re jazzed to follow his blog through March Madness. This is also his Twitter background –

What more do you need, really?
Hugo Van Vuuren — @hugovanvuurenVan Vuuren is a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a fellow at the Berkman Center For Internet & Society. He’s also a co-founder of the Experiment Fund, designed to support student startups and give them the resources they need to build on their visions.
Michael Messina — @michael_messina Messina is getting his graduate degree in urban planning at Tufts, and what you might remember him for is his role in Interactive Somerville, where he created the Green Line Challenge as part of his thesis. He offered three free one-month T passes to whoever developed the best idea for the area around Gilman Square, and has been looking at how crowdsourcing and social media can help move urban planning along. If he has answers to fixing the MBTA, you should probably be following him.
Stephen Douglass @YoungImpact -- This Babson MBA is the founder of StartUp Scramble, a program that’s recently seen two successful runs at Harvard’s Innovation Lab and Microsoft NERD. He’s also the founder of Young Impact, a program design and development firm that partners with college campuses and companies to activate youth leadership.
Elliot Cohen — @ElliotCohen An MBA candidate at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Cohen helps run H@cking Medicine, a 36-hour event that gives teams the resources to brainstorm, build and hack their way into the healthcare field, awarding $1,000 prizes to those with the most innovative, disruptive and clear vision.
Adam Besvinick — @Besvinick A first-year Harvard Business School student, Besvinick is an associate at LOWERCASE Capital, an intern at BabboCo and blogging about tech, startups and early stage venture capital at Ventureminded. For all entrepreneurs out there, Besvinick is also advising consumer web startups. Meaning, he’s got a lot of advice he can give.