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Sunday, December 31, 2000

century of fintech?


Join Startup Grind Paris | Chengdu for this amazing panel about new development in digital currencies in China.
In partnership with Europe China Foundation and Swiss China Chamber of Commerce, we invited Mai Lu, Vice President of Asia Pacific at Binance, and Peter Rosenstreich, Head of Market Strategy at Swissquote, to discuss the impacts and opportunities of digital currencies in China and its impact in the world.
The panel will be held on September 22nd @ 10 AM Paris Time | 4 PM Beijing Time.
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加入Startup Grind 巴黎 | 成都举办的关于中国数字货币新发展座谈会。
我们与中欧基金会和中瑞商会合作,邀请了币安亚太区副总裁Mai Lu和瑞士银行Swissquote市场策略负责人Peter Rosenstreich讨论了数字货币在中国的机遇及其在世界的影响。
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The Rise of Digital Currencies in China: Impact & Opportunities Abroad
While China continues to push for greater usage of the yuan via its national digital currency with plans for expanded trial across the country, G7 countries are getting opened to cooperating on central banking digital currencies in direct response to the development of the e-yuan.