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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

UN75 TeleConversation

Event Information

Participate in UN75, the biggest-ever global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the future we want.

About this Event

Why #UN75?
Tackling issues such as COVID-19, the climate crisis, inequality, new patterns of violence and the major changes we are seeing in population and technology in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – our shared vision for the future – will require cooperation across borders, sectors and generations.
But just when we need collective action more than ever, support for global cooperation is flagging. In many countries, public trust in traditional institutions is in decline and relations between countries are under strain. Dialogue – and action – on global issues could not be more urgent.
What Will #UN75 Achieve?
Through #UN75 conversations, the UN aims to
  • build a global vision of 2045 – its centenary
  • increase understanding of the threats to that future
  • support enhanced international cooperation to realise that vision.
During 2020 the UN75 campaign will initiate dialogues in all settings – from classrooms to boardrooms, parliaments to village halls. The aim is to reach as many people as possible: to listen to their hopes and fears; and learn from their ideas and experiences. Anybody can join the global conversation – physically or online, individually or as a group, in every region of the world.
What Will These Events Consist Of?
We will discuss the questions that the UN is asking within UN75. The United Nations Association Coventry Branch, which will be running this teleconversation, will then feed back your thoughts to the UN.
When Will These Events Be Held?
On the first Wednesday of every month during 2020.

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