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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

example of a current youth colaboration entrepreneur "round robin"

please email if you need more details on links etc?

if you could share what the collaboration wishes of dc SEA are with this group of people then all of us could have time to think how what you want to linkin connects with what we individually and combinatorially want to linkin
while i will leave people to post their own collaboration wish lists , the reason why i have chosen this group compared with another 80 I could have chosen is mainly that these people have been freshly (last 10 days or so) doing active collaborative things that can grow around yunus main wish which is to share his co-brand with youth's best projects in such a way that whole education systems connect their resources with students permissions in communities that have the greatest problems -thus have the most job creation impacts if the focus is usa or most millennium goal collaboration impact if focus is developing world
-what can be more entrepreneurially economic than the invitation: can you (do you want to) help yunus search youth 10000's greatest job creators or not?
aigerim and giresse represent udc students which is the historically black uni that has promised to stage a dc competition on april 6 - got nearly 500 people including DC mayors office to start thinking what we could all converge ; aigerim is the most experienced of udc students when it comes to yunus competitions having pitched what i thought was a brilliant nexcelerator analysis NeXcelerator Whole plan.docx, 439 KB of what students need for hubs/incubators/accelerators at last aprils atlanta 1000 student meeting keynoted by such people with yunus as obamas main adviser to women- interesting as usaid just today relaunched its womens entrepreneur development program today- I asked a question which 10 people in the audience loved and 90 people hated especially the leader of goldman sachs 10000 women but the usaid coordinator of the event said she needed to think about - so i think we can get some womens entrepreneur pitches ready by april 6 but obviously I am not the right profile to lead this sbnetorwk which I want to hand over to a youth female subnetwork asap
also aigerim and giresse and I and others are meeting holly in thursday and trying to understand how to maximise impact of her bonsai movie among udc alumn
mark has recently spent a month with yunus in dhaka asking what are some of the missing fund opportunities; while he is la based i first met him as a fellow judge of the north carolina statewide yunus competition which is chugging along fine in backing its student winners including sponsoring some including the state wide NC1 Pennies for Progress Fund Raising NC State winner (led by eg Ryan O'Donnell) that was on pro-youth funds to go to yunus global sb event last week in vienna; linked in a circle debate around mark on saturday while he was in dc- at this event yunus sent out one line sumaries saying youth job creating events are the number 1 forward focus
naila has been one of yunus longest co-entrepreneurs at grameen phone as well as running her own womens telecentres business - in principle she is happy to mentor or linkin the most passionate tech students that yunus competition come across-this area is collaboratively make or break across all yunus networks according to my 5 years of research of yunus - rami is an oregon student team leader highly connecetd with all open source medical projects including his own PSU_Open%20Source%20Medical.pdf - that puts sensors on spectacles so that blind people can "see" the same way that robots see
bhuiyan is main connector as well as 12 year developer of yunus /hbu student competitions connecting well over 100 colleges across usa and now converging design of a new univesity in alabama around this major innovation process- if anyone needs direct permissions across yunus sb competition networks absent of talking to yunus i suggest they talk to bhuiyan; i do know all of yunus main agents in usa well enough to know their different foci -the other most concerned with massive youth collaborations is monica yunus with a 2 million job plan that just needs a bit of expert media mentoring as well as oregon's number 1 winning plan OR1 OSU-STARSports.pdf -links
other very lively student plan areas include sanitation, bioenergy, aquaponics, food deserts, redesigning secondary school curricula particularly where these need to interface skills apprenticeships as different route to life development than academic universities; if you know the top 50 knowhow businesses yunus is in you will see there are many piggyback opportunities from student to yunus to student ; I can only find 2 other people in the world in the middle of so many piggyback pro-youth economics opportunities though I am always delighted to be made better informed
brian who is now at a microinvest fund in bethesda is one of the best connected of those who are recent graduates of the most expensive dc universities who have run yunus microcredit clubs or other networks inspired by yunus through much of their college life- his group had an hour with yunus before yunus spoke to 500 people at udc; i just had dinner last night with the most active local members of brian network ie alex whos started microcredit school clubs in boston age about 15 and is now at the student led dc entrepreneur network compass brian, and alisssa finishing at georgetown and already headhunted by mckinseys
chris belchamber and I may be soft launching a brochure on whch sustainable businees model do you really want to use (and thence how to audt, value it exponential future impacts-opportunities upwards, risks of crashing ) including yunus sb100 sb51 conscious capitalism ray-anderson change a whole industry chain to zero carbon etc; specific next gamechangers - eg cashless banking being last chance most of our nations will have to regulate banks investing in youth not trapping in debt- i believe i know exactly who in the world is benchmarking this but always delighted to share info provided it does no harm as clearly we are in a war over banking as you read this -something my dad's lifetime work at The Economist suggested ways of preventing which have so far not been taken up by the macroeconomists who are currently extracting from people everywhere
all errors in above are mine alone- and thanks - chris macrae dc region 301 881 1655
another 70 student projects worth celebrating especially if they linkin to your practice compasses

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