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Thursday, September 3, 2020

We convened, we learned, and now it is time to act!

With the guidance of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, we mapped local and global advocacy actions for Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education. Scroll down to see the mapping and find six simple ways you can ensure students everywhere learn and develop to their full potential.   
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1.  Ensure the State fulfills its promise to disadvantaged students. Encourage MA to distribute education funds according to student need through the Student Opportunity Act. 
1: Read about the Student Opportunity Act in MA
1: Find Your Legislator & Tell Them You Support Student Opportunity Act
2.  Check out all the national and international resources published by the Educational Development Center (EDC) during COVID-19.

This thorough guide is broken down by topic area so educators, parents, community members, and students can find articles and advice to deal with the many challenges COVID-19 presents. 
2: See the EDC's Resources for the COVID-19 Crisis
2: For more info on social-emotional and audio learning, contact Tina
3. Discover how to improve the educational ecosystem for female students of color. Download "How to Create Better, Safer Learning Environments for Girls of Color" guide published by The Education Trust and The National Women's Law Center
3: Download the Guide to Better Learning Environments for Girls of Color
4. Advance student equity. Inform yourself by reading The Education Trust's report, "Keeping Equity at the Forefront: Returning to School." Go further by tutoring a local student or make a donation to help all students succeed -- regardless of race, neighborhood, or socioeconomic background -- with Boston Partners in Education.
4: Read "Keeping Equity at the Forefront" as MA Returns to School
4: Volunteer to Make Education an "Equalizer" for Students of Color
5. Make a donation in support of a child's education with UNICEF. Consider making a contribution to give a lamp to power a student's homework time, a math kit for a school, or sports equipment to encourage exercise and play!
5: Make an Inspired Education Gift with UNICEF
6. Foster global citizenship in your studentsClick below to access online global citizenship courses for kids 9-14 from Inspiral Education. You can also explore iEARN student projects focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and encourage your student(s) to participate!
6: Access Online Global Citizenship Courses
6: Explore Student Projects on the SDGs
Upcoming Virtual Events
Volunteer for the SDGs!

Click here to sign up for UNAGB's SDG Committee--a multigenerational group of volunteers with a passion for the mission of the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG Committee members donate their time to organize and promote U.N. Perspective Series events and raise awareness of local actions and ways to support these global goals. 

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