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Monday, September 14, 2020


Resource Center

WebsiteBloomberg Green
Climate news and data-driven insights from Bloomberg's global newsroom
BloombergOpen Link
WebsiteBloomberg Green Data Dash: A Live Climate Scoreboard for the World
These are the numbers that matter. A difficult global transition is happening right now, away from fossil fuels, deforestation, greenhouse-gas pollution and melting ice. It can be measured with precision and clarity. This is Bloomberg Green’s guide to the worldwide goal of slowing and stopping warming temperatures. This is a record of how far we have to go, and a tool to assess how much we can change.
BloombergOpen Link
PDFBloomberg Green Magazine
Bloomberg Green magazine is a quarterly collection of premier climate journalism. With a focus on solutions, readers will discover stories on science, environmental impacts, zero-emission tech, green finance, culture, and design, drawn from Bloomberg's global newsroom of 2,700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries.
BloombergOpen Link
PDFAll In: Staying the Course on Our Commitment to Sustainability
Amazon is committed to building a sustainable business for our customers and the planet. To learn more, read our latest sustainability report.
AmazonOpen Link
PDFSustainable Impact Report: 2019 Executive Summary
To find out how HP Sustainable Impact is making positive, lasting change for the planet, its people and communities, check out HP's 2019 Sustainable Impact Report: Executive Summary.
HPOpen Link
PDFWhat if a Real Estate Services Company Could Help Save the Planet?
Read more to find out JLL’s plans for a sustainable post-COVID recovery.
JLLOpen Link
PDFAt-A-Glance: Iberdrola
Iberdrola is a global energy leader, one of the largest producers of wind power, and one of the world’s biggest electricity utilities by market capitalisation. Find out more about us here.
IberdrolaOpen Link
PDFFree Data for Smart Decision-Making: A Summary of Copernicus
Data, used wisely, can help create an important shift towards a more resilient, climate-neutral and sustainable society by informing decisions across business, industry and policy realms. Find out how from ECMWF's Copernicus Services.
CopernicusOpen Link
PDFU.S. Real Estate Impact Investing: A Primer
The term impact investing emerged in 2007 as a recognized strategy to achieve measurable social goals alongside market-rate financial returns. It incorporates elements of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing and socially responsible investing (SRI) but goes beyond both with its explicit goal to produce measurable positive change. Real estate is a prominent asset class within impact investing in part because the positive social contributions are visible and tangible in such forms as affordable housing and community facilities. Learn more about impact investing and how real estate fits into impact investing in this primer.
PGIMOpen Link
PDFA Consistent Approach to Custom ESG Investing
Sustainable investing is under increased scrutiny, as a series of proposed and upcoming regulations start to take effect. Learn more about these regulations and the impact on strategies and investing in this piece.
PGIMOpen Link
PDFHealthy People in Healthy Places Equals a Healthy Economy
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and its members are already the leaders in building sustainably. We believe that healthy people in healthy places is the fastest way to build a healthy economy. And the global pandemic has only made our beliefs that much stronger and our mission that much more vital. We don’t have to choose between public health and a healthy economy. The future will require both to thrive. That is why going forward, we will prioritize our efforts to build people’s trust that their spaces are healthy and have a positive impact not only on them, but the economy at large. Learn more about USGBC’s reimagined vision in this piece.
U.S. Green Building CouncilOpen Link
The climate crisis does not take a break. The 2nd GreenTech Festival is committed to a green future – with a new concept. Learn more about the Festival in this press release.

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