biggst colab search of 2018 where is damo extending its intercity adcademy; biggest question of 2017:where is Ali Baba University inviting partnerships? Examples:
New Zealand ... Germany ...UN 1 2 3 - Chinese only

GirlsWorldBank bids you welcome : happy job creating if you want to study sustainability goals job creation go study poverty first- locally- POP1-2-3 search out/celebrate your profession's world class expert who has 1 lived with poor, 2 as well as innovated her profession with the poor diagnosed system traps of poverty, and 3 sees it as sin not to priorities use of modern tech to end history's -sadly sport charities have been the worst in abusing girls usgynmaistics and maing a few men rich eg fifa instead of community building - will this end at alibaba olympics

Monday, April 9, 2018

can you help under 30s connect arctic uni into top 10 poverty uni

re friends of arcticuni: max does 1pm wednesday work for you - shall we do peets cafe 14th st dc again unless vahe or others have time to join us - in which case vahe do you prefer something nearer dupont circle?

I will try and have some mapping questions ready on arctic circle and what china calls polar belt road - vahe is connected with what goes on just below russia - which is what china probably calls the shanghai cooperation network  which already has top leaders meeting scheduled for qingdao in june 9 before the huge meeting of 100 national banking delegations in mumbai  june 25 asian infrastructure investment banking 2018 - seeing what powerful old male bankers believe investments need to be about gives us clues on how far off sustainability education/lives youth are all over the globe- 

at aiib 2017 in korea i also think i now know where the happier future of that country can hub- korea launched green big bang club for 2000 givernors who want their peoples to unite race to renewability

amy loves china and bangladesh girls and boston technologists but is currently being examined at columbia university - maybe she can add some questions virtually; rodrigos team negotiates with wall street to create bottom up billion dolar end poverty fund for latin america

one common denominator is youth in communities across the world need to demand elearning experiments - very impressed by the pitch made at tuifts by one of max's peers who is just back from dubai and wants to use virtual relaity so that studnets can feel what its like to be in each others communities; mostofa now back in bangladesh spent 2 years trying to connect varkey and other extremely creative solutions out of dubai incluiding their billion dolar fudned new university for the disadvantaged

I dont know what audreys financial worldwide road sequencing  is as she extends her coding schools but she has two of the fastest multiplying coding curricula discussed here -  Audrey Cheng - Moringa School - 2018 Finalist for Sub-Saharan Africa

maurice is vaitican university youth ambassador judging most heroic things world wide youth do for the annual celebration Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca 

if anyone knows anyone multiplying new curricula as fast as audrey and would like to introduce them that would be great - i understand she is about to wow the whole of san diego next and then singpaore

chris whatsapp dc 240 316 8157

Friday, January 19, 2018

us olympics gymnastics - well done ali - the entire us olympics team should end rich coaches or never again be allowed to solicit as a charity- as the main sponsor of olympics coca-cola should donate a billion a year to gorms community sports

human beings are sick of being told :oh we didnt know- everything worthy of youth in 21st c needs to be a transparent network - silos of need to know are absolutely disgusting should be criminally negligent- anyone in congress reading this dc 240 316 8157