biggst colab search of 2018 where is damo extending its intercity adcademy; biggest question of 2017:where is Ali Baba University inviting partnerships? Examples:
New Zealand ... Germany ...UN 1 2 3 - Chinese only

GirlsWorldBank bids you welcome : happy job creating if you want to study sustainability goals job creation go study poverty first- locally- POP1-2-3 search out/celebrate your profession's world class expert who has 1 lived with poor, 2 as well as innovated her profession with the poor diagnosed system traps of poverty, and 3 sees it as sin not to priorities use of modern tech to end history's -sadly sport charities have been the worst in abusing girls usgynmaistics and maing a few men rich eg fifa instead of community building - will this end at alibaba olympics

Friday, January 19, 2018

us olympics gymnastics - well done ali - the entire us olympics team should end rich coaches or never again be allowed to solicit as a charity- as the main sponsor of olympics coca-cola should donate a billion a year to gorms community sports

human beings are sick of being told :oh we didnt know- everything worthy of youth in 21st c needs to be a transparent network - silos of need to know are absolutely disgusting should be criminally negligent- anyone in congress reading this dc 240 316 8157