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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

learn wit Yunus

The Yunus Social Business Book completed in 2007 was the most open of his books linkiing in all his life work- it can be found here.

We dont know ow to learn much form The 2010 book as  it is easily influenced by by a PR agent. It adds to some of yunus dreams but not many realities- some of the ideas shave been savaged by the war of politics tat as grown between Yunus and Sheikh Hasina

for all these reasons we propose learning from the 2007 book

if you only read onc chapter from above, chapter 1 is recommended - it explains how the market for aid as become one of the most noisy and inefficient of all- sadly greenwashing as spiralled out of control in the last 25 years

some of the 1000 people we samples with Muhammad Yunus book came with us to chat with Yunus when his book hit the bestseller list in New York late January 2008. This gives quite a clrear review of the book particularly its most unique educational components:
chapter 1 change aid
capter 11 how students can linkin social action networks