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GirlsWorldBank bids you welcome : happy job creating if you want to study sustainability goals job creation go study poverty first- locally- POP1-2-3 search out/celebrate your profession's world class expert who has 1 lived with poor, 2 as well as innovated her profession with the poor diagnosed system traps of poverty, and 3 sees it as sin not to priorities use of modern tech to end history's

Thursday, March 13, 2014

URGENT IN MARCH - 13th london time 2pm Soros on how europe failed youth and what curve to bend next http://www.lse.ac.uk/newsAndMedia/videoAndAudio/LSELive.aspx

When my father happily launched the net generation's entrepreneurial revolution curriculum in The Economist in 1972, we didnt expect his request that economists search for different organisational models that the 3 large types that dominated the tv age - corporation, polarised government and ngo - would cause 1) such angst, 2) such muddled sub-divisions of entrepreneurs and media designers (who shout that they are social even as they waste money not scaling and not collaborating and not open educational)

today this means the search for the next generations' above zero sum models of networks as systems of systems is more urgent than any anlaytical activity has even been on earth's human race

some of the clues in this search are posted at http://trilliondollaraudit.com - your transparent contributuons to this search are much appreciated

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