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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

UN - a promising adolescence age 0-18? can 80 year old UN inspire worldwide adaptation? : Possibly because so many hopeful things happened between 1945-1962 (we even survived nuclear annihilation thanks to steady American hands), we also need to list regional threats-
take usa for example: lives of black & native people got worse, more controversially historians myopia over infrastucture is disastrous in era of 100 ties more knowledge-machining per decade (see von neumann, moore):USA's brilliant highway system baked in hi-carbon road transport which together with a 1913 law saying sea trade around us coast had to be distributed in american built brands is one of the reasons why america did not entrepreneurially experiment with the container revolution which made docking at least 100 times more economical and change the calculus of quality small enterprise supply chains as first seen in the rise of japan, korea south, taiwan;
one of the reasons scots choose to review 45-62 is president kennedy was accelerating celebrations of interdependence as was joyfully celebrating that the far east coast had innovated an hi-tech engineering model all the world's coast lines could design win-win trades around - if you look at eg japanese companies of the 1960s, improving the service to teh customer every quarter was what asia rising innovation was built on (exactly the opposite of being driven by taking profits out every quarter). And there was so much that better quality engineering was needed for in building supercities- you needed really high quality with 250 kn/hour bullet trains onr undergound railways as the lifeblood of 10 million commuters my father (who also became von neumann's biographer) argued in the economist that the 3rd insustrial revolution needed to be designed around win-wins andnew education that knowledge nerw0ring generations could entreprenurilly innovate what no past gereations could imagine. Kennedy's moon race decade was a great example of challenging decade-long co-creativity- why did none of the decades from 1970s on cvalue youth with equally exciting goals (particulary those grounding deiversity of nature now explorable in ever more micro edtail of the sort that einstein demanded all future science integrate)

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