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green lives matter- must start 2021 by going beyong nations borders ie un2.1
*the g8 as of 1945 fail to help each other solve different lives matter crises both inside and across borders
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the majority of asians who were still stuck in one of 3 broken financial systyems - either no banking for their needs, loan sharks or communism. this crisis
what if every famous speaker using the un platform had to also turn their speech into a max 5 minute video lesson- first audiences to rate these videos could be leading blacklivesmatter sports stars or other celebrities who wanted their young fans to do last mile service solutions...in our view if you work on implication of poverty museums sdgoal 1 that ever next baby - girl or boy's life matters - merits a chance at making most of life then depending on localities you audit which other goals matter first andjoin in worldwide new education mapping -swap solutions with places/peoples facing similar urgent system transformation needs and startup resources.......
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Why should world class professionals of ending poverty celebrate living with the poor

If you have  no experience of the global development sector, you might think this is an odd question - how can you be in end-poverty's world class as medic, banker, crop scientist, irrigation expert, clean energy developer without deep knowhow of:
1 how professional solutions in rich world may need to be modified, wen eg  the poor have no electricity
2 how urgently valued your skills may be, eg in some parts of the world 10 times more mothers and infants die simply because there isnt basic midwiderfy etc on call

But it turns out from the sectors where world class experts have lived with the poorest that the greatest innovations in ending poverty go beyond proven practice expertise

firstly the practitioner can also observe what the nature is of the failed system tat as been compounding poverty and search for ways to resolve these

secondly the most valuable new innovations that can be app'd by mobile networking technology can only be linked in by understanding what the industrial age had never been able to reach which are now the most valuable uses of being more connected than separated

However there is more to this as the greatest end poverty connectors (te partners in ealt, te brac, tje grameen of tis world) develop clusters of microfranchises in whatever sequence is opportunistically possible to scale up. In particular when is the world happy to pay with a global fund for a solution that was first tested in poor world? You need the local dedication to go for it. Note how partners in health had become one of the greatest local fighters of drug resistant tuberculosis - a disease the rich world had lost interest in relatively speaking. Until it was clear that hiv and tubercoluisis multiply each other. So the rich world suddenly had its own need to end TB (to minimise global spread of iv) as well as the moral need.

Its not that we are on the side of those in the rich world who ignore a poor world crisis until its in their interest. But the only way to make sure you never miss the window of opportunity to make such a case is to know the poorest all the time.

Additional good news ideas:
Often it times it turns out that the poorest can learn much of the routine world from or with te world class experts - this creates last mile jobs for te poorest and starts cycles of self-sufficiency and empowerment

There is a disastrous top down syndrome of using heavy statistical techniques which are neither necessary nor correct:
the expert who lives with the poor , careful/loving observation (in POP vocabulary ACCOMPANIMENT) far more over time tan any single numerical statistic can prove over a limited survey period

anyway linking in microfranchises is destroyed by eg paired comparison random tests- i mean  have you ever eard of a globally successful company evolving by paired random tests?