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Saturday, November 15, 1975

terrible mistake of not launching g192 and h8 to counter g8 extinction

in round numbers assume un represents 200 nations 

g8 lobby was launcheed in 1975 nov - why didnt un counterbalance with 2 groups - every nation not in g8; say 6 largest population nations - ultimately sustainability needs to model population sizes

take how g8 failed extinction test in cornwall 2021

it could have led fight against covid bur didnt

it could have announced at least some climate leads eg carbon pricing but dudnt

it could have admitted schools were in crises- they had failed to continuously blend- now covid will requires to blend for decade what good examples can g8 help world benchmark

gb didnt address/map out locality's main lives matter issue that each g8 countr was guilty of

whether human matter is sexual

skin color


or border vs refugee networks

===i over 40 years as a diaspora scot co-authoring sustainability's 2025 report,  i do not believe nations are a granular enough place brand to resolve sdgs-

asians came up with a youth inspiring idea repesenting most humans as asians are about 60% of 7.5 bn =4.5 bn beings- why not form collaboration between 100 asian universities each charged with uniting graduates around a solution 45 million people or more at least a quaeter outside natioal residene of the uni- that way we would give the younger half of the world - the hope, the actions, the life experiemce in or out of college to app smart decices and deep family-centic community building

but ss well as what places can do we need every sector to truly communicate what sustainability purpose it most contributes to- is there even one trillion dollar market sector that knows and does its main contribution to prevent extinction?

 and industry sectors purposes interest me much more deeply than just analysing nations but with such a dsater as corbwalls leaders the un needed to respond with every exvluded nations view as did media

we need to go back to 1930s to understand the roles of the g8 in bringing humanity near to extinction then, and now!

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