HG Wells - civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe:
coming how do the 51 years of alumni of fazke abed poverty aleviator collab match up with 76 years of the united nations - we map abed top36 hunicorn networks - being networks whose purpose is so life crital nobody wants to exit investment or politically quarrel over just replicating their services and improving access to their action learning

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

washington dc 6 nov 2012 - from our yes youth can  blog obamauni

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  2. Chris Macrae likes an article on The Economist.

    THIS week’s Economist examines one of the most intriguing puzzles in development: Bangladesh.By most standards, Bangladesh looks like a disaster. It was the...

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  3. http://yunusyouth.com/ - paradox from yunus speech (celebrating GlasgowcCl chancellorship) - paradox todays youth have unprecedented tech power but most macroeconomists are not investing in them

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